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2023/03 – Here it comes: My second exhibition at Sato Slow Living in Zürich. With opening event, guided tour, workshop, calligraphy performances, reading etc. I hope that many visitors will enjoy the beauty of Japanese calligraphy.

2022/11 – Save the date: Schedule of next year's Evening courses and Sunday workshops at Japanese Language Studio, Zürich. Beginner or advanced, everyone is welcome. Let our brushes dance!

2018/05 – I'm showing a wide selection of my work at Sato Slow Living, Zürich.

2016/06 – My new calligraphy work at Claudia Geiser Gallery.

2014/10 – Exhibiting my works at Claudia Geiser Gallery in Zürich, Switzerland, together with marvelous Neriage porcelain artist Angela Burkhardt-Guallini. Enjoy a few impressions.

2013/10 – I can't believe it ... Got the Top Heaven rank from the Shinshokan calligrapher's association. Very exciting!

2013/09 – Exhibition at the Embassy of Switzerland in Tōkyō.

2012/08 – I made a T-Shirt from one of my favorite calligraphies that makes us SMILE, and another one with a cute beetle that brings us sweet DREAMS ...

2011/10 – Just got rewarded with the Heaven rank from one of the major calligrapher's associations in Japan. Exciting!

2011/10 – A short essay on my brush work, written by media & art specialist Prof. Masahiko Hirano, has been published on the website of Shizuoka Prefectural Cultural Foundation.

2011/09 – Exhibition at the Shizuoka Center for Creative Communications: Speaking Strokes - Silent Words

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